Tuesday, July 05, 2011

So how does the whole BSkyB thing play out?

In my determination to write a blog post that will be proved wrong in record time, lets look at the chessboard now that the News of the World / Dowler revelations are out in the open (with worse to come, possibly).

For many people, the idea that any corporation - especially one that is owned by someone with an outspoken personal political agenda - is not a fit and proper owner for a media company that has with the monopolistic reach that News Corp enjoys.

Breaking Murdoch's stranglehold over political discourse is a hugely important milestone and one that it unlikely to be passed for the forseeable. There's too much at stake here.

If he still wants to take over BSkyB (it may not be as cheap as he'd like it to be), it means that he has been weakened in relation to the current government.

Jeremy Hunt would be able to drop his pants, spread he legs and touch his toes in public with more dignity than he'll muster in agreeing to News Corps demands now, but as long as the price is right, I'm sure he'll have to do it. They already risked major friction in the coalition by shafting Vince Cable over this, and Hunt detests the BBC sufficiently to play ball here.

The point is - and this is good for the Tories - the price just went up.

So: Rebekah Wade will not be given up lightly. When she is sacked, it will be a means of drawing a line under the story.

Once the fuss has blown over, Hunt will give the whole thing the go-ahead. And any hopes Labour had of not being savaged relentlessly by the Murdoch press over the next four years are now gone.


ivanpope said...

"any hopes Labour had of not being savaged relentlessly by the Murdoch press over the next four years are now gone."
Were they ever there? Based on what?

Bob Woodward said...

Well the Sun/Times etc did let up in the mid- late 90's because Murdoch felt the Tories were dead in the water at that point and NL were happy to pick up Ma Thatcher's flag and carry on with the 'Trash Society'agenda which Murdoch had done so much to found. He has no particular loyalty, only that he and his family be allowed to dominate media on an increasing basis. I'm sure he has wider political ambitions but he's too ill and the juniors are not that savvy. Thank God!!

Mad Cyril said...

@Ivan the Murdoch press supported the Blair Labour Party from some time around '96 onwards. Can't remember when they officially stopped telling their readers to vote Labour, 2005 possibly?

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