Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mamet's release

I've just seen Christopher Hitchens verygood write up of David Mamet's conversion to Paleopalinism (I googled it! No-one else has ever said it! It's mine!) and one thing occurs to me in Mamet's defence.

This line:
"Mr. Beck is among those thanked in Mamet’s acknowledgments for helping free him from “the bemused and sad paternalism” of the liberal airwaves."
Is it a burden to think that we're descended from monkeys and may be consuming resources in a way that could damage the planet in the near-ish future? Is a moral framework that involves me paying some taxes and sharing responsibilities for other people's social insurance an unbearable load?

I can understand the motivations that make up The Backfire Effect [pdf] (shorter version - find someone with strong opinions, show them evidence that refutes their case and it will usually strengthen the belief you are questioning). And I can kinda understand Mr Mamet's relief and the attraction of his dip into simplicity.

It's so much easier being a Republican when you're rich in America, innit?

(I also like Hitchens' accusation that Mamet has a 'pointlessly aggressive' style). This is Christopher Hitchens saying this, btw....

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Will said...

Hitchens always has a point to his aggressiveness. That's the point.