Sunday, June 26, 2011

Christopher Shale

It seems that a senior Tory on Cameron's own patch - Christopher Shale - has been found dead at Glastonbury in circumstances that can only be described as unhappy. I don't surpose there are happy circumstances in which to be found dead.

I don't think I've ever heard of him until today, but like everyone who dies in those circumstances, it's hard not to feel very sorry for the pain involved and sympathy for the family and friends left behind.

The quote attributed to him (published at around about the same time as his death) is one that quite leaped out at me and I beleive should apply at least as much - if not more - to Labour as it does to his own party.
"We must look different – when we communicate, when we're together. We must sound different – in what we say, how we say it, the language we use, our tone of voice. We must behave differently – try to see ourselves as others see us."

He claimed the country could be divided into two groups, "politics-heavy" people and "politics-light" ones who are not interested in the subject except at general elections.

He calculated that 98% of the population was "politics light" and that "politics heavy is a big turnoff for politics-light people".
I know people who work in politics are often accused of not getting it - of being out of touch with the doorsteps they knock on less and less. But it's true - and on a scale that I don't believe a lot of the political class (and I'm aware of notable exceptions) understand at all.


Penbedw said...

Feel sympathy for a Tory - dead or alive? You must be joking.

Andrew Brown said...

I had the same thought, what he was describing is not about the colour of the rosette but about what we are about as political parties and how we could try being a bit more normal or attractive to people who aren't rule-book fanatics.

Will said...

Fuck him. Tory filth.

he is/was talking bollox as well like.