Tuesday, December 28, 2010

19th Century Liberals

Via a blogroll request, here's 'March the Fury' - a self-styled socialist student blog from Cornwall with a good post on what the 19th Century Liberals could tell their political heirs in the Lib-Dems.

It reminds me of the post that I've probably linked to more frequently than any other - this one from Pete on 19th Century anarchism - with it's links to radical liberalism.

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cornubian said...

Perhaps the one of the inheritors of 19th century radical thought in Cornwall is Mebyon Kernow. A party that Cornish, Green, Left of Centre and Decentralist: http://www.mebyonkernow.org/?q=node/5

In Solidarity from the Cornish Republican: http://thecornishrepublican.blogspot.com/