Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Being beastly to the Lib-Dems - redux

In recent months, I've had a few goes at thinking through the way that Labour should relate to the Lib-Dems at the moment.

Like most of my stuff here, it's more a case of thinking aloud than any detailed analysis. However, Political Betting has been doing the numbers on it and reaching similar conclusions to mine.

One other thing. Ages ago, I had a lengthy post on Liberal Conspiracy in which I made the case that Labour's perceived authoritarianism was more a symptom of their managerialism and the crude clumsy populism that the party attempted to adopt than the product of any real political or philosophical reflex within the party.

The largely-unchallenged perception that we were an anti-liberal government helped to legitimise the Lib-Dems decision to get into bed with the Tories - particularly among their activist base.

It needs challenging now. This is another illustration - to add to the arguments I pulled together yesterday - of why a political party that fails to develop and agree a fundamental approach to democracy will struggle to get the more immediate issues right.

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