Thursday, May 27, 2010

What lefties may be wearing during the World Cup

Here's another unashamed plug for my mate Mark Perryman's Philosophy Football - an object of desire for lefties everywhere with the looming World Cup. I've linked before to Chris' ambivalence from a few years ago about supporting England (which I share).

I particularly like this quote of his:
"Talking about Arsenal with Spurs fans would be like discussing Rembrandt with David Blunkett."
It's less to do with any crude political rejection of English nationalism than an unconscious resistance to being told what I should be enthusiastic about.

This, however, is a commemorative shirt for the Makana Football Association - formed by Robben Island prisoners. Read all about it here:


Steve Hayes said...

So are you coming to watch the World Cup then? Feel free to drop in for a cup of tea if you do!

mikeovswinton and the reebok said...

I'll be wearing USA, South Korea and Nigeria shirts. Work out why.