Friday, May 28, 2010

"...institutional inability to constructively handle criticism..."

More on the question of diversity. It seems that BECTA's passing isn't being universally mourned:
"Much dissatisfaction has been muted over the years because of Becta's major importance as a conduit of resources and funding. Companies, organisations and individuals were reluctant to 'rock the boat' because of Becta's institutional inability to constructively handle criticism. As a result, much negative feedback, extremely valuable for reputation management, didn't appear to make it back to the higher level – and this meant that few, apart from those who felt they were excluded by overly bureaucratic framework agreements, were prepared to speak out."
At the risk of really overdoing this commitment to say what I think regardless of tribal loyalties, there are a very large number - larger than the ones named in the first cull of the quangos - that are long overdue the chop. Many of these organisations were set up to maintain the unsustainable fiction that awkward decisions can be taken without politicians taking responsibility for them.

These little empires soon grew into self-perpetuating managerialist entities. I hope the coalition government doesn't collapse before I gets rid of a few more of them.....

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