Sunday, April 18, 2010

Way to Blue

Don't know how long it will stay online, but if you can, watch the 'Way To Blue' Nick Drake tribute on BBC4 via iPlayer.

I saw a few people mention it on Twitter and then tuned in and loved most of it. A few people were comparing it with the originals in a fairly purist way and I think that missed the point.

I've played those original three albums and the extra tracks from the Fruit Tree box-set to death since I first heard it at school and a good set of covers just underlines the strength and intelligence of the arrangements.

Sure - there are a few judgements that the arrangers have made here that could have been better, but still, I'd probably rather listen to shoddy arrangements of songs like Poor Boy and Chime of the City Clock than I would want to hear perfect orginals from most recording artists.

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