Friday, April 30, 2010

Questions that I'd like you to answer for me

A few hours ago, I mentioned in passing here my view that there are some of the interesting questions that it is now easier to answer - if you have the inclination and the ability to wrangle all of the writing that's touching on this subject.

Specifically, these are some of my questions:
  • The legitimacy and value that individual voters can claim as their right (and in many cases, the gap between what their rights are and what they should be) and how it is being changed by the way that this election is being conducted. Should every vote have the same weight? Does it at the moment? How will the changes people are discussing affect this question?
  • The relative social value of different ballot papers. Some people know who they are going to vote for in advance (like me). Others don't. Instead, they may or may not vote / are going to vote but make their decision fairly late-on and in a more whimsical fashion than I would. Should my vote be weighted more highly than theirs? Or perhaps should it be given a lower weighting (assuming the existence of a fantasy universe where it were possible to weigh individual votes based on the sentiments behind them)
Then, there are the questions that lots of people are asking, such as...
  • 'The Leaders Debate' and democracy, eh? Eh?
  • Is proportional government more legitimate or better? How far does it reawaken Bagehot's line about ceremonial and efficient forms of government?
  • Opportunities for different forms of decision-making
  • How should we interpret opinion-polling and various forms of sentiment analysis around the debates and other reaction to events during the election

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