Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Culture wars update

As weathervanes go, it's worth following the moderate US Republican @davidfrum on Twitter for little gems like....
Just heard Glenn Beck describe Friedrich Nietzsche as a Marxist. [here]
Reading this post (not by Frum himself) on his site, it's possible to believe that the consolidation of the Tea Party right within the US Republicans is gradually driving them into a position of political irrelevance. My political contacts within the US are so sparse, I've got no idea if it's a reliable bit of analysis - but if it is, it's interesting.

Frum has also posted a link to the Heritage Foundation's 'Index of economic freedom'

I use the 'Best in the world index' tag on this blog to keep track of these different comparisons. This is one table on which I hope the UK will aim to move downwards.

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