Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bloggertarian trounced

I'm a bit surprised at the way that a few good bloggers have got a bit teary-eyed about Chris Mounsey being slapped around by Andrew Neil:

The bloggertarian troll has had it coming to him for a while, indeed, if his site was still visible you'd be able to see the thread where I told him what was going to happen to him.

Mark says:
"I am disappointed to see that Mounsey offered his resignation to his party's national committee straight after the interview. I am also however pleased to see that they refused to accept it."
Personally, I'm very pleased that they didn't.

Oh, one other thing: Has anyone else visited the 'Devils Kitchen' blog? Does anyone else think that the claim that the 'one post that was picked up' was not representative of the wider site?

Now come on Chris. The comments box is just down there..... call me a c*nt! You know you want to.....


Francis Sedgemore said...

You have your faults, Paul (e.g., being a social democrat), but Mounsey's the c*nt.

Niall Smith said...

Amen. I am a social democrat Pauly and I approve of your message.

Stuff him.

Anonymous said...


You cunt.

Mack said...

He'll never make a politician (never mind whatever vitrol he spews on his blog). Why did he answer the questions as asked? Aren't politicians supposed to just rabbit on about what they want and tenuously connect it to what the interview is saying only after being harangued with the same question 10 times? Instead Andrew Neill managed to ask about 10 leading questions that he actually answered.

If he was bounced around, it was his own fault.

Stephen said...

Libertarians face a big disadvantage in a democracy. They are such dedicated individualists they have little interest in trying to convert others to their beliefs. If you don't accept their worldview in its entirety then you are a just another 'statist' and beyond the pale. I have gone onto Devil's Kitchen and other anarcho-capitalist forums to get someone to tell me how private law or a private police could work in practice. When you raise the obvious objections, you are referred to some unreadable libertarian tract on the subject. I am not in the least surprised that the Libertarian Party has only 400 odd members.