Sunday, March 07, 2010

Smash Hits archive

Over here.

A few of the covers are so familiar, it's amazing. At that age, I suppose, these artifacts burn themselves onto your retina. I even remember some of the letters that they published (one girl asking "does Paul Weller have a girlfriend, and if so, what is she allergic to?"

Within about six months, I'd graduated to the NME I think, but at this point Smash Hits covered a great bunch of bands. Forest were European Champions and The Jam, The Specials, Blondie and Dexys were in the charts.

On that site, if you click the front covers you get all of the inside pages as well.

"The 'we hate the punk' elite."

Update: Looking through it, I keep finding the pictures that I had on my bedroom wall. This one, for instance:

(Ta Astrid)


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Whitehall Webby said...

Blimey, Skids! Stuart Adamson was my hero!