Friday, March 19, 2010

The shape of the helmet

I'm sure you've seen it hundreds of times, but this surely must be the best British news photograph of the 20th century? As a piece of composition - the Christ-like streaker, the look on that copper's face, the bloke scurrying with the coat (and the look on his face) and the helmet (and the widely shared joke where people said "now we know why they're that shape!") - it's as articulate as any of Delaroche's historical tableaus (tableaux?).

It reminds me of the dialogue in Miller's Crossing - heavy and portentous - almost Shakespearean - in its form while actually carrying little more than an amusing yarn.

There's a better word than yarn, but I can't think what it is right now.

(I've not embedded the pic here because I'm not sure who has the copyright - but surely it should be donated to the nation anyway?)

Update: Just seen some other examples of good shutter timing

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