Sunday, March 28, 2010


It's starting to click for Labour, isn't it?

I'm not so much talking about the polls. After two years of saying "it's not all over yet" I'm now finding myself being the one who is telling everyone not to get too excited about recent tacking as the bookies are still convinced the Tories will do it.

But this idea is a good one:

Starting tonight, Labour HQ is asking its growing army of online supporters to lend your creative talents to the election campaign in an exciting new initiative to design the party's next campaign poster.

The best one will be emblazoned on ten digital poster boards in London and Manchester throughout the long Easter weekend.

We're calling the initiative #PeoplePosters.

There are two different messages you should seek to convey with your poster designs:

1 - Labour’s pledge to protect frontline services.

2 - David Cameron’s lack of substance.

And Philip Gould has three top tips for creating a great political poster: keep the message simple; use strong images; and try to weave in humour wherever possible.

The rest is up to you.
Elsewhere, I've been quite impressed by the Tories deftness with social media, but this is a surprisingly sharp response by Labour I reckon?


Mil said...

Yes - I like this idea very much. Structured and open-ended at the same time. Generates interest and noise through process but also serves to harness a concrete result.

I also like, very very much, that any posters uploaded are covered by a Creative Commons licence. As far as I know, LabourList still hasn't taken this step - but if it did, I'd be first in line to write something on the subject for them. Very very happy someone in British politics is taking notice of Lessig's work.

被リンクを増やす said...

Yeah, a good idea.