Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The halo effect

Shuggy is at his very best over here.
"Cyclists, not content with having lanes painted everywhere to accommodate their perversion, routinely feel free to jump lights or board the pavement whenever tedious interventions like the Highway Code interfere with their path of righteousness. My own view is that the lycra-wearing freaks should either pay road tax or face being hosed off the streets."
I've been worried for a long time about the way that cycle lanes lure flatulent vegetarians into particular areas. The hole in the Ozone Layer over Camden Town should come as no surprise to anyone.


Will said...

"Cyclists, not content with having lanes painted everywhere to accommodate their perversion..."

The point here being -- they don't have 'lanes painted everywhere' -- so that's why they may have to circumvent the laws of the highway -- and furthermore -- car driving cunTs are the werSt fuckkinG cunTs of all.

It's easy being a clever dick.

hakmao said...

Cyclists are merely annoying. Massive 4WDs mounting the footpath to screw a U-ey or reversing around a corner over a pedestrian crossing are lethal in the short term and killing us all in the long.

Paulie said...

Neither me or Shuggy argued that ONLY cyclists should be shot.

Will said...

You are wrong on that as well.

Cyclists shooD be encouraged to run over car driving cunts and avoid us pedestrians.

then cyclists and pedestrians shood SHOOT IN THE HEED every last fuckkiNG cunt who owns a car.

Will said...

... or buys tins of tuna.

them as well.

Will said...

not much on the telly the neet.