Thursday, March 25, 2010

Copperblogging redux

Congratulations to Jack of Kent for being longlisted for this year's Orwell Prize. Take it from me comrade, those judges are a bunch of bastards who wouldn't know a good blog from a hole in the wall ;-)

One of the judges is Jack Night - the copper who won it last year. He caused a bit of a stir when he referred to the evil poor (his own site is gone now, probably because of this?). Most of the commentary I read at the time seemed to be a rehearsal and a re-run of older arguments, but there was one thing that I was sure of:

Its better that people who work in the public sector can showcase prejudices that they have and do it anonymously (without having to duck people trying to unmask them) than to keep them buttoned up. If lots of coppers think the way that Jack Night does, then it's something that needs challenging.

So it's a shame his site has been taken down.

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Anne said...

Never mind Nightjack or Inspector Gadget - what do you make of Winston Smith?