Thursday, February 04, 2010

Collaborative misdirection

I know that it may be slightly distasteful to suggest that Northern Ireland's politics could benefit from the reintroduction of some light ordinance, but I think if I'd been Gordon Brown when I heard that ....
It is understood they (the DUP) want the plight of savers in the Presbyterian Mutual Society to be included in a deal.

DUP MLA Edwin Poots refused to confirm or deny the suggestion. Last month the Presbyterian moderator said such a government initiative would help build confidence among unionists.

Almost 10,000 people who saved with the society were left without access to their money when it went into administration in October 2008. The government has consistently refused to offer its savers the same protection that was afforded to savers with banks and building societies during the banking crisis.
... I probably would have thought that a couple of flamethrowers would help to get the nitpicking opportunistic little communalist gits to stop wasting everyone's time and start behaving like they had some responsibility as a partner in government.

Like so much in NI politics, they key objective is to screw more money out of HM Treasury by the means of a bit of creative stump-waving. The apparent overwhelming need to score some pointless symbolic sectarian victory is simply a bit of collaborative misdirection by the main parties up at Stormont.

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