Monday, January 18, 2010

Personality politics

The politics of personality can be quite entertaining. In the last few weeks, if someone's alleged nervous breakdown and attempted suicide rings your schadenfreude bell, then Iris Robinson - with her queer-bashing track record is a godsend. And then there's - very good for a laugh.

I'd rarely agree with Brendan O'Neill about very much, but this article a while ago deserves a revisit.
“New Labour has discovered that transparency begets, not trust, but further suspicion – the more politicians make their personal purity into their major selling point, and the more they imply that parliament is a potentially corrupt and sleazy place, the more they invite scrutiny of their every foible and Kit Kat purchase.”
There's capital-P-Politics to this as well. As I mentioned the other day, the word 'Candidate' comes from the latin Candidatus - derived in turn from the white robes that Senators wore to signify their purity of mind.

It also said 'look at me, I have the wealth and slaves needed to sustain a huge length of clean white linen every day.'

The modern day equivalent? The politician with the wind turbine on his house. Brand management is not a trivial or cheap business. If you only want people who can afford this - people with Richard Branson-type virtues - then the politics of personality will speed this process along.

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Will said...

why agree with brendan o bollox about anything ever?

and linking to spiked loonies is the same as linking to bnp cunTs.

so don't fuckking do it. ever.