Monday, January 04, 2010

The Bedwetter Generation

Positive lyrics make productive happier teenagers it seems. I don't know about that, but there's something slightly Orwellian and eugenicist in the very observation.

For a long time, I've believed that being 16 in 1980 - with The Specials, The Jam, Teardrop Explodes etc in the charts (and Forest strutting around Europe as official owners of the place) qualified me as some kind of modern urban Sonnenkind (not the Nazi sort - more the downmarket lefty version of the between-the-war fast set of Evelyn Waugh and Brian Howard).

But did it make us happy achievers? Looking at this post by Julian Cope (via Richard Sanderson - something of a player in all of this by the way) I'd be happy to forego the terrific success that could have awaited me if John Peel had played a slightly brighter set of tunes on his show. It wasn't all miserablist Joy Division stuff either.

And was there anything more depressing than the 'Best of the Noughties' roundups?

Snow Patrol's 'Chasing Cars' was 4music's most-played-track-of-the-decade. What with that, Coldplay, Keane. James Bl*nt and that weedy version of 'Mad World' can there be anything to envy in The Bedwetter Generation?


Cosmic Al said...

yep...most people are conservative and want their music to be beans on toast rather than something different and tastier!

Shuggy said...

modern urban Sonnenkind

I'm not really following this post. Is this supposed to be a good thing? You're arguing that 80s music was good? It was vile, evil, pretentious, tuneless, heartless, shite. Phoney angry young men like Paul fucking Weller who then goes on to send his weans to some posh private school. And that was supposed to be the best of it? Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet, Ultrashite. Even now I'm overwhelmed by an urge to strangle that Midge Ure everytime he appears on the telly. Kraftwerk. Need I go on? I curse the fact I was born when I was - I really do. "You've done too much, much too young - you're married with a kid when you should be having fun..." Deep stuff, man.

Paul Garrard said...

In a strange way I've always found the likes of New Order and The Smiths etc to be the most uplifting. Nothing like a miserable Mancunian to chear one up I always think!