Thursday, December 17, 2009

Want for Xmas

K-punk's Mark Fisher has a new book out - Capitalist Realism.

I want a copy almost to the point of actually paying for it. Here's a review.

"If there was any doubt that capitalist realism has survived the bank crash - or that capitalist realism has nothing to do with 'realism' as such - one need only look at the recent (entirely predictable) display of government cowardice in the face of the RBS directors.

All that hot air about the threat of "talent" leaving the bank if they are not paid bonuses.... Such rhetoric played a crucial role in the ludicrous overinflation of business and managerialism over the last thirty years which served as an ideological cover for capital accumulation.

(That the adjective "talent" should ever be applied to bankers is condemnation enough of neoliberal culture.)"

I noticed that it's had a good write up from Will Davies - one of (IMHO) the most perceptive left-wing writers around. Will has become part of 'ResPublica - the new think-tank home of 'Red Tory' / 'Tory Philosopher King' Phillip Blond.

This is one of those little facts that threatens to make your head explode - unless you've read (many years ago) Paul Addison's excellent 'Road to 1945' in which he made the case that Harold MacMillan (someone who - in the mid-1930s -was strikingly similar to Blond in terms of personal positioning) helped to create the political dynamic that enabled Labour to acheive what it did in 1945.

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