Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy birthday

The Other Tax-Payer's Alliance is one year old today. No expense has been spared in the celebrations (see pic).

There's a handy comparison sheet for you to follow if you want to work out whether the TPA or the OTPA is your preferred source.

If I had more time, I'd love to curate a project whereby every month an award is given to the journalist who uncritically uses one of the TPA's routinely dishonest press releases.


Tom Paine said...

Can you give an example or two of such routine dishonesty, please?

Paulie said...


Here's one:

Or this:

Or this:

Sign this statement 'Tom'

(How Tom Paine would react to his name being appropriated by some thick bloggertarian who posts about the death of liberty in Britain .... from Russia ... god only knows)

Tom Powdrill said...

I'm happy to point you to factually inaccurate and exaggerated claims they have made about public sector pensions.

Tom Paine said...

Thanks for the examples; Though you seem to have interpreted my question as an attack, I asked out of genuine curiosity. I actually agree with some of the comments about weak methodology but don't think that you could substantiate the allegation of dishonesty.

As for the ad hominem attacks on TPA people those links led me to, I am sure they are doing them good. As is the highly-informative violence with which the left reacts to the notion of a pressure group for taxpayers.

As for your "statement", I wouldn't dream of signing it. As a lawyer who advises banks, I find your picture of them as under-regulated capitalist wild men really quite amusing. I don't defend the errors of some bankers but I don't believe it was right or necessary for a generation of taxpayers to be plundered to prop them up (and spare the blushes of their regulators). Northern Rock, for example, would never have been missed (except by Newcastle United).

If you want to know how Tom Paine would feel about his name being used it's not hard. Hardly anyone in history left a more comprehensive account of his political opinions. Not being the straw man "bloggertarian" you like to attack, I don't find those of his views that endear him to the left as shocking as you might think. You, however, might usefully consider Tom's wise words that;

"Society in every state is a blessing, but government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state, an intolerable one.

The trade of governing has always been monopolized by the most ignorant and the most rascally individuals of mankind."

This is a man who wrote the most influential pamphlet in history and played a key role in founding two of the world's great republics. Yes, I sometimes regret my hubris in choosing my pen name years ago. At the time, it was simply meant as an expression of admiration for the man who wrote that history-changing pamphlet; the first blogger, in effect.

At least I do occasionally try to engage those with opposing views with something other than the childish name-calling that you find an adequate substitute for thought, articulacy and courtesy.

Keep up the good work. I wish you were read more widely, so that more people could get insights into the mentality of the unsanitised left.

Neil said...

"the first blogger, in effect."

Ohmigod, did he actually just say that?

Go on - try saying this without raising your eyebrows: "Tom Paine was the first blogger, in effect."

Paulie said...


In fairness, I can see what he means by saying that TP was 'the first blogger'. It's probably the least annoying of his comments.

'Tom' *snigger*

The TPA are a clandestinely funded right wing pressure group that has been set up to attack any instances of collective action.

Your notion that it represents 'taxpayers' is just horseshit.

They've been repeatedly invited to demonstrate that their funders actually do pay tax in the UK and they've not been prepared to respond with a fraction of the transparency that they expect from others.

I didn't know that you were a lawyer who advises banks - if I did, I may have got a bit more ad hominem.

Last year, we had a choice - either watch liberal democracies crash around our ears, or be forced to mortgage our grandchildren to pay the debts that these thieving shitheads have run up.

Am I to understand that you get a fat salary out of that whole process? They you *really* need to sign that statement.

Tom Paine was writing during an age of despots and dictators. Read him on the subject of representative democracy - a mode of government that he advocated, and largely the one we have at the moment. It's an absolute cornerstone to his writing.

Then find me one member of The Libertarian Party (I saw the badge on your blog) that shares his views on this matter. They don't. They hate representative democracy. They advocate direct democracy of a kind that would have turned Tom Paine's blood cold.

And while you're getting all snooty about 'childish name calling' bear in mind that I reserve it almost exclusively for people who have 'Libertarian Party' badges on their blog. The are - as a large proportion of their blogs describe everybody else - a shower of cunts.

If you want to lecture anyone on civility, start with a load of the bloggers that have joined your own party please?

Tom Paine said...

I am certainly for representative democracy, but within principled boundaries. So, I imagine, are you.

If your elected representatives voted to execute you for, say, your choice of football team that wouldn't make it right. If the new law introducing the death penalty for AIDS-infected homosexuals in Uganda has democratic support (as it may have) that doesn't make it right either. I presume you agree?

If so, the difference between us is not really so great. We agree there must be boundaries to state power. We are simply a long way apart on where they should be.

If that makes me a c*** in your eyes, I shall live with it cheerfully.