Friday, November 27, 2009

Compass Xmas Party

Time to consider Xmas parties again. Being a freelancer, a lot of the invites I used to get working for a company have dried up, and besides an impromptu drinkup that I'll organise using Facebook, the pick of the crop would appear to be something that combines odd music, poetry and a bit of multimedia.

So a German Oompah band explaining the crisis of capitalism, or the words 'Lo-fi ukelele jazz' don't send shivers down your spine, then the Compass Xmas Party on the 18th December could be for you, as it probably will be for me. (You might have seen Tricity Vogue in 'Blow Up - The Credit Crunch Musical at the Edinburgh Festival over the summer?)

It's in Old St, London and the whole shebang is being put together by Philosophy Football (tel: 020 8802 3499) and details are behind that link. Get your finger out, by the way - my snouts tell me it will sell out shortly.

See you there?

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