Friday, October 09, 2009

Reflections on Tory Conference weak

How to behave like a 'government in waiting' - three steps;
  1. Leave political grouping in the European Parliament to form a new one based on Euroscepticism in general and having a bit of a fit about the Lisbon Treaty in particular
  2. Get joined by a shower of goosestepping fruitcakes
  3. Find out that the new leader of this group you've set up is in favour of the Lisbon Treaty
It's a good job that no-one who knows anything about it thinks that the Tories might completely fuck up the economy, innit?

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The Plump said...

The Tory tactical geniuses have worked out that as well as promising to put ex squaddies into schools (well it makes a change from putting them in prison), their strategy is to promise to sack loads of people, cut all their services and to make everyone poorer because 'we are all in this together'. And they may well win!

What does this say about Labour that they could lose?