Thursday, October 22, 2009

A litmus test for Question Time

Justifying the decision to allow the leader of the British National Party to take part in BBC1's Question Time, it is Mark Thompson's contention that...
"...It remains the BBC's obligation to scrutinise and hold to account all elected representatives..."
Fair enough. There's a significant body of opinion that believes that this programme has done nothing of the sort for many years. Our argument will gather real data tonight to support it.

Nick Griffin will tonight present a series of malicious falsehoods and evasions to the audience and call them arguments. We will see if he benefits from doing so or it it damages him.

If his reputation and electoral standing are damaged as a result of this programme, Thompson's point will be proven. If the reverse happens, there will remain no justification for keeping Question Time on the schedules of a public service broadcaster - unless they decide to move it to early evening on a weekend and rebrand it as entertainment.

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Barbara said...

Nick Griffin squirming like a fat schoolboy caught wanking in the canteen. The BBC fucking love this, "Oooh! We're interiewing a bad man! Oohh! We controversial!"
Rather astonishingly Today had an interview with Mark Byford 'we agreed with the BBC Press Office that he would only be interviewed one-on-one", rather than have to debate with UAF chair Ken Livingstone why he opted for this.

I opted to log on here, or watch Saw III as it is more palatable.

btw: TheChristopherHitchens is apparently in London