Thursday, October 08, 2009


Nosemonkey sez:
"Every time you make such wild claims – and they turn out to be unfounded – you are alienating potential allies. When Lisbon comes into force and life in the EU continues much as before, proving all the claims that this treaty is in any way significant to be objectively false (because no matter what many eurosceptics claim, Lisbon *is* just a tidying-up exercise) – when member states continue to run themselves, when the threatened abortion clinics and enforced involvement in military campaigns fail to materialise – then anyone with half a brain will be able to see that the claims of the eurosceptics were false, and so stop paying them any further attention."

With the greatest respect to him - and he is one of the best political bloggers around - he's really underestimating the willful mendacity and stupidity of of the large majority of Eurosceptics.

The same lies will just resurface next time and the same fuckwit journos will repeat them and the same idiots will believe them all over again.

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