Saturday, September 05, 2009

Two BEEB-related articles

Two from Will who doesn't have a blog:
  1. Public trust in the BBC going up, not down.
  2. Charlie Brooker on James Murdoch
Choice bits:
Brooker: "Now there's a lengthy, valid, and boring debate to be had about the scope and suitability of some of the BBC's ambitions but, quite frankly, if their news website (a thing of beauty and a national treasure) helps us stave off the arrival of the likes of [Glen] Beck [of Fox News] - even tangentially, even only for another few years until the Tories take over and begin stealthily dismantling the Beeb while a self-interested press loudly eggs them on - then it deserves to be cherished and applauded.
Julian Glover: Asked to pick from a range of ways of funding the BBC, including the licence fee, a subscription service and selling advertising, more people back the licence fee than any alternative ........ The fee is backed by 43%, against 24% who think advertising should foot the bill and 30% who think people should pay to subscribe if they want to see BBC programmes. In 2004, only 31% backed the licence fee, 12 points lower than today.


mikeovswinton said...

James Murdoch's speech in Edinburgh reduced to 4 words; "Give us the money." (The subtext is about the power, but face it, those Murdochs always get their priorities very straight.)

PS If you like Dublin accents, I think I'm correct in saying that German Irish band Paddy Goes to Holyhead have got their's down to a tee.

Laban said...

Off topic, and miles late, but you may be interested in my take on the Murdoch story at Biased-BBC