Monday, September 21, 2009

Rhyme, rhythm and reason

A good while ago, I pointed to a great LKJ poem called 'If I Woz a Tap Natch Poet'

Philosophy Football have taken the refrain from this as the title for an event that they're helping the TUC out with - Rhyme Rhythm and Reason - featuring Linton Kwesi Johnson on a rare London appearance.

I saw LKJ at the Meltdown festival a few years ago (curated by Lee Perry if that isn't too alarming an idea) and he was very good. I was half-expecting it to be a nostalgia-fest, but it turnd out to be very contemporary.

It's all part of the TUC's support for the World Day for Decent Work - see you there if you're going?

Here's Tap Natch Poet again for you:

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6p00d8341c8bbb53ef said...

I saw LKJ many many many years ago at the Hackney Empire (how right on is that?). But he only read poetry, which was a sore disappointment to me at the time ...