Monday, September 28, 2009

Lost footage

My friend, Alan, has found some YouTubes of his dad.

... and

... among others.

Alan Snr was a highly rated Bantamweight boxer in the 1960s - famous enough to be the subject of an episode of This is Your Life with Eamonn Andrews

Tragically, the tapes have been lost and Alan and his family don't have a copy of the programme. I say 'lost' though I suspect that 'not looked for thoroughly' would probably a better description? On the huge off-chance that an ITV archivist is reading this blog, any help gratefully .... etc etc.

Update: It was on the 15th March 1972 - the week after Gordon Banks was on.

And while we're on the subject of 1960s boxers, this is a blog, innit? Search engines like blogs, don't they?

If I mention Vic Andretti, you never know, he may find this. If you do, Vic, and you're ever back over from Florida, get in touch will you? It'd be good to see you again after all these years (hint: The Ringside 1990-5? You gave me enough drinks on the house to have Brenda giving me daggers whenever I walked in....)


Pavlov's Cat said...

not looked for thoroughly

I think you are being a bit harsh on the Archivist, it is well known that throughout the 60's and 70' tapes were routinely erased and used again. You can find plenty of pleas online to other countries for missing episodes of Dad's Army, Doctor Who and the rest.

That being said I hope he finds it.
( The BBC once quoted me £70.00, 20 years ago for a copy of my brief appearence on Blue Peter in 1974 God knows what it would be know)

Paulie said...

I'm sure you're right (about the harshness) PC.

Did you pay the £20 at the time? Most people would want to bury their 1974 haircut - esp on Blue Peter - not youtube it ;-)

Pavlov's Cat said...

It was £70.00 not 20 , when I queried it, I got a long explanation about it taking a technician to scour the archive,find the correct tape, set up the copying, etc. etc.
Basically I'd have to pay his wages for the time taken plus the cost of the VHS tape. So I didn't bother.

I will get it one day as people accuse me of getting my Blue Peter Badge on Ebay.

6p00d8341c8bbb53ef said...

call me a pedant, but ... surely This Is Your Life didn't have 'episodes' - you could just say 'he was a subject of This Is Your Life ...' we'd know what you mean.

Byeways said...

I'd put Alan at a bit better than 'highly rated': he was genuinely world class. If my memory is serving me correctly he had three shots at the world title: Masahiko 'Fighting' Harada - a close one which could have gone either way (and Harada was a great fighter); Lionel Rose - he was probably robbed in this one; Ruben Olivares - well beaten this time, but Olivares was an all-time great.

This was back in the days of one world champion at each weight and you had to be some fighter to even get into the world rankings.

If Vic Andretti ever gets in touch, ask him about his fight with Joe Tetteh (a good Ghanaian boxer). It was a cracker, on the telly, and Vic won. They worked hard for their money in those days.

Unknown said...

Anyone ever heard from Vic Andretti? If so, please let me know via email: