Friday, September 25, 2009

Impartiality v plurality

Tory Culture spokesman Jeremy Hunt has surely got a point here about the BBC:
"I wish they would go and actively look for some Conservatives to be part of their news-gathering team, because they have acknowledged that one of their problems is that people who want to work at the BBC tend to be from the centre-left. That's why they have this issue with what Andrew Marr called an innate liberal bias."
All of that said, it's an odd observation to make at the moment. Nick Robinson - the chief BBC political correspondent - is the most overtly partisan journalist to hold that position in my memory (and I suspect, the most partisan since the post was created). His Tory credentials, and the bias of his reporting is barely veiled.

There's clearly a case for the BBC to abandon their quest for impartiality and embrace pluralism instead, as I argued here a while ago.

The biggest bias that they need to address is the metropolitan ex-public school Westminster insider one. The quality of political commentary would improve massively if they could deal with that....

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