Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Blogger of the year: New candidate

I must admit, I thought Roger had this title in perpetuity with David Lindsay in close second. But it seems that they both have a worthy rival.

In fairness, Roger and David have both actually been involved in the setup of a political party, and this should give them the edge. Probably only one of these parties is destined for a thousand year hegemony and I'm not certain which one ... yet.

Neil hasn't set up his own party, though this quote....
"... LibDems expelled me, officially on the grounds that I approve of free markets (which in their Orwellian world is now officially "illiberal")"
... suggests that he may be a worthy addition to Roger's lot?

However, Neil's shortcomings on the 'setting up your own political party' front are counterbalanced by the way that he offers us a lengthy post containing all of the rejected letters that he's written to newspapers.

As a single post, it just gives and gives. Roger. David. Time to get your fingers out. Your reign may be close to an end....

(Hat tip: Matt Wardman)

Update: This Blogger software is serving up ads based upon the post that you submit to the site. When I added this post the first time, I was offered a link to this site. I hope that at least one of their founders is a blogger? Please god.....

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