Monday, September 28, 2009

Bikes at stations latest

This is not so much a good idea as a bleedin' obvious idea.

The Department for Transport has announced which rail stations will accommodate 10,000 extra cycling parking spaces across the country.

The £14m scheme will see cycle hubs introduced at 10 stations, including three in London, Leeds, Grimsby, Hull, Liverpool, Scunthorpe, Sheffield and York. The Leeds hub will be completed by next May, and the others will open within the next two years.

An extra 4,500 cycle spaces will be created at nearly 350 stations, and four train operators will transform their cycling facilities on their networks to become flagship ‘Bike ‘n’ Ride’ companies,
Why does this need such a fuss and why should it cost so much money? Creating a safe place at local railway stations and tube stations to leave bikes would get loads of traffic off the road.

Probably wouldn't be enough for me though. As Alan Partridge once put it, "there's a time and a place for cycling. The time is summer, and the place is Center Parcs."

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