Sunday, July 26, 2009

More right-wing as you get older?

I was talking to a few people the other night about how we're all supposed to get more right-wing as we get older.

I'm not completely convinced that the left-right spectrum is the only one that's relevant anyway, but as I went away, I had to conclude that - in a world ...
  • where, I'm told that most people earn a good deal less than I spend on bus fares each day and this inequality is getting more pronounced
  • where - I'm told - about one-in-six people don't even have enough to eat with millions dying of starvation while we throw food away by the trailer-load
  • where capitalism - particularly the monopolistic variety that has grown even stronger during my lifetime - has exacerbated this chasm between the rich and the poor
  • where - in the past twelve months - the vast majority of us (and not just the billions that go to bed every night with an empty stomach) have been the victims of one of the most massive thefts ever witnessed
... I'd say that I'd have to have been looking at the world through very funny glasses to see anything that would convince me that most of the arguments used by the political right had a shred of respectability left.

I'd say that there are only two honest positions you can take about this situation. You can ....
  1. want to see a fundamental change to the relations of production distribution and exchange to stop the waste and the exploitation
  2. tell everybody that you really don't give two fucks about this and that if everything stayed the same, that would be fine
There is a third position I suppose. You could pretend to yourself that monopoly capitalism has the potential to solve these problems. There is probably a planet where you could reach that conclusion, but I've not heard of it.

No. I think I'm a bit more of a lefty now than I was when I was a teenager. When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do?


Paul said...

I have moved significantly leftwards in the last three years, as a result of life.

Tim said...

To become a miserable old Tory (ain't they all!) is something I've long-promised myself not to do.

I'm interested though in what you would say was the equal-inverse (not sure if that's the right term, but hopefully you'll get my drift) of your blog title and description. My best so far would go something like:

Always Trust A Fascist

The road to heaven is paved for you.

What you think, am I close? Hopefully not, eh?!

I've always had a soft spot for Neil from the Young Ones. 'Always Doubt a Hippy' would make a fairer title, I feel.

Forward The Reds!

Tim Worstall said...

"this inequality is getting more pronounced"

If I could show you that this inequality is not getting more pronounced, indeed, that global inequality is falling, would that be enough of a change in your perception of facts for you to change your mind?

For I can indeed prove it......drop me an email if you want to take that further.

whitewillow said...

hi there,
i think your blog was the one after mine thats how i found it..1
i was very left wing in my youth ~ in many things i still am, but in some i've swung to the right..
what happens is that as people become adults, the struggle to earn a living and survive especially if you come up against hard times or bad luck instinctively makes many people more self- serving and makes them 'look after their own' and develop a hard shell etc. If you scrape away enough tho, the idealistic heart is still there underneath but many people in this country have a bitterness and a feeling that they have been done over by the system and they lose their idealism and their fight...sad but understandable... the gap between rich and poor has not narrowed in the last 12 years of labour government...when the tories get in its going get even bigger...what a great prospect..
rant done for now, have a nice evening