Thursday, July 16, 2009

Help me find?

I really can't remember where I read it now, but I recently saw a great post that covered the whole News of the World phone tapping question, along with the nasty smearing job that the Express did on Dunblane survivors. I've done all of the searches I can think of but can't find it.

It wasn't this one either - good though it is. It outlined the way that the Express story - like the Coulson one - was rapidly shuffled off the front pages, and it illustrated the degree to which the print media seem be be able to collude to make instances of their own shitheadedness disappear.

If you think you know the one I mean, stick a link up in the comments here willya?

Update: Linda on Facebook has found the one - Charlie Brooker - I was thinking of - Will pointed to it (by email) and I forgot where I'd read it. Ta Linda/Will.


Anonymous said...

Probably bloggerheads, or enemiesofreason.

Will said...

even i forgot that.

put a bullet in my heed.