Saturday, July 04, 2009

Garlic comedy

My friend Torcuil has co-written a sitcom, and it's been aired on the BBC Alba Channel. It's in Garlic which is the language that the sweaties are supposed to speak... it's probably in poor taste to lapse into any comments about Rab C Nesbitt (which for some reason, most of the English can't make head-nor-tail of - I've not spent long in Scoland, but I always have to translate it for people here) and it's available on BBC Alba's i-player for a limited time.
The premise for the drama is an everyday administrative disaster scenario:

The government has decided to send ALL the rival Gaelic language development agencies to ONE office, in an ACTUAL Gaelic speaking area on the Isle of Skye. When they're not fighting each other to leave, the professional Gaels are barricading the door against the Gaelic community. It's job dispersal gone mad. It's Broadford or Bust!

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Francis Sedgemore said...

I watched Broadford or Bust the other day, and was impressed. It reminded me a bit about Wales and the superannuated Welsh-language lobby. I was loosely involved with the militant wing of the Welshies, Cymdeithas yr Iaith Gymraeg, and had nothing but contempt for the language crachach.