Thursday, June 25, 2009

Slavoj Žižek on the Iranian situation

I'm no specialist on the current situation in Iran, but this looks quite a convincing piece of analysis to me:

"Ahmadinejad is not the hero of the Islamist poor, but a genuine corrupted Islamo-Fascist populist, a kind of Iranian Berlusconi whose mixture of clownish posturing and ruthless power politics is causing unease even among the majority of ayatollahs. His demagogic distributing of crumbs to the poor should not deceive us: behind him are not only organs of police repression and a very Westernized PR apparatus, but also a strong new rich class, the result of the regime’s corruption (Iran’s Revolutionary Guard is not a working class militia, but a mega-corporation, the strongest center of wealth in the country)."


jams o donnell said...

A superb analysis. Thanks for drawing it to my attention

mikeovswinton said...

If Zizek wrote that then its the first thing I've read by him (a) that I've really twigged, (b) that doesn't mention Lacan, and (c) seems about right.

However, in fairness to the two politicians mentioned, I assume he only means that A is like B in certain ways.

PS You can't post enough of Grover W Jnr. A much underrated (by the jazz snobs who's rather have Jackson Jeffery Jackson etc) player.

Sleepless in BR said...

Good post! Thanks.

Tehran Post said...

a very shrewd commentary indeed. at last an analysis which draws on stupid binaries such as fundamentalist fascist ahmadinejad vs. liberal reformists, or revolutionary corrupt-free ahmadinejad vs. liberals supported by west, though i have problems with one or two notes in zizek's text.