Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Public sector self-confidence

I'm quite keen on the idea of public sector self-confidence and the need for a renewal of the idea of a public service ethos.

So, it seems is Geoff Mulgan - I missed this at the time but just tripped over it looking for something else.

"Responding to questions about the handling of the economic crisis, Mulgan said: ‘[One] thing that perhaps will change irreversibly now is we’ve been through a long period where probably there was insufficient confidence in a public service ethos and too much deference to business methods in inappropriate fields in relation to policy advice. Being wealthy was taken as a proxy for wisdom.’

He said many wealthy people had been involved in advising government not on business but on areas such as social policy and that ‘having a senior corporate position was seen as qualifying people to advise on running large public services’."

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