Monday, June 01, 2009

Micro-pay for a book to be written

Joe Clark has, in the past, part-funded his work by asking for micro-patronage. He has, it seems, thousands of supporters who are prepared to make very small donations to him so that he can research and write on subjects of his chosing.

His latest is the Cranky Guide to Copyright which I suspect will be worth a look when it's ready. He's not keen on the idea of Creative Commons but doesn't like big corporate copyright enforcement either.

It's a subject I change my mind on most days so I think that Joe's work will be worth a look. Once you've paid him to write it, that is....  

1 comment:

Joe Clark said...

The title is actually The Cranky Copyright Book.

And! I’m going to write it anyway. I just need some help.

And! As ever, there are free-of-charge options if you want to help out. I’m all about inclusion.