Sunday, June 14, 2009

Alan Johnson will lead Labour before the next election

The logic behind this post (Gordon Brown will be gone as PM before the next election) stands up at first glance.

What do you think?


CS Clark said...

I wondered similar things after reading this Hopi Sen post, and thinking 'maybe someone has already said that little speech at the end.' To my mind, however, the switch would be timed so that an election could be held very soon afterwards, which I don't think means the Autumn, and would be a contest between Johnson and Milliband Ma, even if it's one Milliband is resigned to losing.

The major strike against, however, is that it relies on certain people keeping their sodding mouths shut.

Paulie said...

Yep. I'm reminded, once again, of this observation though:

Shows just how disastrous the party's obsession with it's own centralisation has become. At this moment, it has the real potential of creating the condition that destroy the party for good. I say that because I suspect that the age of the monolithic political party that we recognise at the moment may be drawing to a close. Now that effects all of the parties, but as Nottingham Forest found at the time that the Premiership was formed in the early 1990s, there can be particularly bad times to have a poor couple of seasons.