Monday, May 11, 2009

Limits of liberalism

An illustration of how social democrats (however timidly) do things that liberals regard as unthinkable - and the world improves as a result:

From this article by Jenni Russell.

"All the old arguments in favour of chaps who know how the world works have been blown away in the revelations about how group-think in politics, business, finance and journalism created the financial catastrophe."


Jennie said...

Surely that's an argument in FAVOUR of Liberalisation, rather than conservative recruitment strategies?

Paulie said...

Sorry Jennie - a hasty post.

I mean that the other parties - particularly the Conservatives and the Liberals have had objections to things like all-women shortlists on the grounds of their apparent illiberalism.

Mandating organisations to ensure that some posts are occupied by women is undoubtedly a progressive thing to do, but not necessarily a liberal move. There is a difference, and I think that this difference isn't always recognised.