Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Happy Slapping for postgraduates

I saw this in the comments on Slugger - here. I can't find the original to link to, but it's worth a read:

This from CBC News, 23/03/09, which demonstrates some of the harmful side-effects of internet social networking:

“The poor guy in the room is feeling pretty embarrassed and somewhat stupid, of course,” hotel manager David Goold told reporters at Edgewater Hotel in Whitehorse, near Toronto, “but we’re not going to hold him liable or anything. After all he can’t really be blamed for what he did when he was half-awake, and under the front desk’s instructions, which he thought he was at the time.

“He was asleep in his room last night when he was woken by a phone call, just after 11pm. The caller identified himself as the front desk, said there was a gas leak in the building, and told the guest it was essential to urgently increase the air flow in the room. He then told him to pick up the room’s television and throw it through the plate-glass window, then do the same thing with the mini-refrigerator and the other window. The man did as he’d been told, and was then instructed to pull the fire alarm. This woke the hotel’s other guests and brought the staff up to his room, at which point the guest realised that he had been the victim of a pretty ingenious but cruel hoax call.

“I understand that the people responsible for the hoax have been bragging about it today, in an online chat room. The police are investigating. We do not think that it is very funny.”

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