Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Nasty Party

More on this later, but further to Mr E's post on Smeargate, the charge of Astroturfing is quite revealing isn't it?

The Tories have a rich hinterland of experienced and accomplished vicious lying scumbags. They've worked out an effective M.O. - how to do it all in a deniable way.

Labour haven't. This reflects very badly on the Labour Party.


Tom Paine said...

How many people might populate a "rich hinterland," I wonder? More importantly, how many are you prepared to name on your blog? And how many of them could hold a candle to:

Alistair Campbell
Charlie Whelan
Damian McBride
Derek Draper?

Just asking.

Paulie said...

Firstly, you have such a miniscule amount of self awareness as to refer to yourself as Tom Paine. Do you *really* think that Tom Paine would be very happy in the knowledge that his name had been appropriated by a thick bloggertarian tosspot? Any more than Lenin would be very happy that his name was snaffled by a blogger from the most widely ridiculed left wing 'revolutonary' grouping ever?

Secondly, you write a blog about the terrible state of liberties in the UK .... from Moscow. Are you out of your tiny mind?

For these reasons, I really don't think you'll understand it, but if you can mumble your way though this post....

... then you'll have your answer.

Now please ... please .... go and waste your time in someone else's comments box will you?

Will said...

I would just throw some acid in the face of that stupid word salad producing cunt Paulie.

Fuckwits who think putting a bunch of letters together that spell Tom Paine on a blog makes them Tom Paine?

"The sublime and the ridiculous are often so nearly related, that it is difficult to class them separately." -- T. Paine

Repeat -- throw acid in its ugly face.

Will said...

Do you like estate taxes? Paine was for them in 1791.

How about progressive taxation? Paine wasn't just for it, he made charts and graphs.

Welfare? Absolutely.

Government make-work programs? Yep. Pay for them with the estate tax.

Public education? Yes, please.

International organizations? Paine said we needed them. Thought they might be useful for preventing wars after we disarmed.

Animal Rights Nuts?

Everything of cruelty to animals is a violation of moral duty. -- T. Paine


Priests and conjurors are of the same trade. -- T. Paine

Tom Paine said...

A very reasoned and comprehensive answer to my question there. Thanks, Paulie. More evidence on the internet of the true nature of the caring British Left. Keep it up.

Will said...


thick as fuck and wider than he is thick.

Acid. Face. genitals. Throw.