Sunday, April 19, 2009

'Empowerment agenda'

One of many phrases that just drain the very life out of you when you read them.

Sometimes, pulling a great quote from a blog post elsewhere may stop you from bothering to go and read it.

Well, Will Davies said this about Labour's 'empowerment agenda':

"New Labour has the political psychology of an infant that has yet to work out the difference between 'world' and 'self'. It removes its hands from its eyes, and believes it has just produced everything it sees. Thus political truths that will endure long after Labour, capitalism or Britain have disappeared are there to be tweaked by an empowerment agenda. Utopian economic dreams can be achieved through changes in employment law. The cart is not dragging the horse, its dragging the forrests from which all carts are produced."

In this case, really, don't leave it there. Go and read the whole thing.

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