Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Triumph of the Banking Classes

Deserves a post of it's own, this one:

My previous post referenced Michael White's latest. This para deserves repeating:

"Yesterday a smart 250-page paperback landed on my desk and only served to deepen my gloom. Modestly entitled The End of the Party, it set out what's wrong with British politics – from alienation to falling turnout and funding problems. It is thus not encouraging to see my old friend, Peter Oborne of the Daily Mail, getting five indexed references.

Peter has the quaint notion that we are witnessing what one of his books calls "The Triumph of the Political Class", whereas we are actually seeing it run ragged by the media and a disengaged (not the same as alienated) electorate. In his haste ex-stockbroker Pete forgot to write a book about the triumph of the banking classes, the ones who got away with the loot."

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