Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Stars of Heaven

OK. I'm really impressed with Spotify. And I've found that they have some Stars of Heaven stuff. The SoH were one of my favourite acts of the 1980s - I used to try and get small venues to book them, I liked them that much and they were a nearly-but-not-quite act in indie commercial terms. The NME (I think) called them 'Country Rock with a PhD' which probably didn't help them much.

John Peel loved them, but they lacked the thing (whatever it was) that you needed to make the breakthrough. I think that there's something a bit problematic about making jangly country-ish rock sell too much - REM seemed to monopolise that particular sphere with the Go-Betweens being another slightly under-rated player in this field.

Here's Sacred Heart Hotel and here's Two O'Clock Waltz. And Moonstruck is worth a listen if you've got time.


Anonymous said...

Great songs you picked! I just love Spotify.

Gilded Palace of Sin (Brighton) said...

Did you know both Sacred Heart Hotel and Speak Slowly FREE from the Irish label who reissued both albums. The downloads are the straight albums, but they also have the reissues for sale with extra tracks and sleeve notes.

Dinah Brand, the band featuring SOH's Stephen Ryan have a new album out on Transduction Records in October...