Wednesday, February 18, 2009

To Ipswich

I'm off to Ipswich later to see if Billy's bounce is not one of the dead-cat variety.

I always like going to Portman Road- I've a few mates who are regulars there, and they always bring people along to the pub afterwards who are a good laugh.

Back in the day, we hammered them 5-1 in the Charity Shield. I was 14 and it was my first visit to Wembley - we went with a load of the family that day. There'll be a few drinks to absent friends tonight.


Tom P said...

I'm afraid we're on opposite sides tonight! btw a mate of my does a very good Ipswich zine - Those Were The Days. his website is

Lucky Col said...

Sorry for being a pedantic statto, but the Charity Shield score was 5-0.

And sorry for being a complete pessimist (or realist, depending on your point of view), but I can see the same score repeating itself tonight.