Monday, February 09, 2009

Ransom to be paid again?

When the BBC apologises for this, it will have something new to apologise for tomorrow.

Sack Sir Michael Lyons - and anyone involved in the BBC who backs down on any of this. If your job is to fight sometimes, and you turn up with a sicknote each time, you need to step aside and let someone who can actually do the job have a go.

You'd sack a politician if they paid a ransom, wouldn't you?
(ta Will)

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Tim Almond said...

I have quite a strong radar for spotting BBC bias (which is actually more complex than left/right), but anyone who can't see the wordplay there but thinks Thatcher is above humour is an utter twat.

The simple thing would be to make the BBC optional, of course. If people are offended that much, they can choose not to pay for it.