Monday, February 23, 2009

Paulie elsewhere

I'm expecting an unkind reception to this nugget of gleaming commonsense over on the Liberal Conspiracy site.

I will be on a long-distance flight later today and will not be around to stick up for myself.


Will said...

It will be your own fucking fault for mixing it with such utter fucking cretins.

PS. where you going like?

ivan007 said...

Like it, well done.
Agree here: 'We need to collectively hold our noses and get involved in local political parties again instead of lifestyle politics and single-issue pressure groups that sit on soft end of the direct-democracy continuum.'
What's your involvement then?

Chris said...

I like it (JOKE: I liked it the first twenty times I read it), and hope that this marks the beginning of the end of the generative period where your writing is for your benefit, to get your ideas clearer, and the start of the expansive period, where you crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of their women. That said, I wouldn't have finished it with the poke at the ZaNuLieBore Tendency - I think it's the ones who sound reasonable when they talk about openness on expenses who are more worrying than those who think, for example, that your article is about projecting a collectivist, Statist agenda.

PS - my choice for Best Bit is: 'In each case, these measures provide a veneer of accountability while removing the deliberative policy making processes. These will be replaced with tools that will only further empower the most active privileged citizens in any community (and, of course, those with access to the media or the resources provided by pressure groups) at the expense of the vast majority of us.'

Shuggy said...

Thing is, I don't entirely agree with what you wrote but I'd like to think I'd take issue with what you actually said rather than what I imagined you said. As for the the majority of the fuck-nuggets over at illiberal conspiracy - they're rather making your point for you, only they're too dense to see that. Bit predictable - rather like trying to have a sensible conversation on Harold's Place or Lenny's Tombola - which leaves me with the question: why on earth did you bother?

Mikeovswinton said...

This might be the best place to ask you this one, Paulie. I'm not clear what the Tories are getting at in one respect. Are they suggesting that local populations can determine the boundaries of local authorities? Some aspects of the posts you link to suggest this. Before I comment further, I'd appreciate your view.

Paulie said...


Myself and others (mainly my mate Anthony) are doing a detailed bit of coverage on Tory proposals at

mikeovswinton said...

Cheers. I'll check the site out. IF they are proposing what I was mentioning, it is a very dangerous proposal indeed, and there is some evidence from the USA that can be brought to bear.