Tuesday, February 03, 2009

More evasion from the so-called 'Tax-Payers Alliance'

I'm not quite as critical of the Labour List site as others are. I'd say that it's important that Labour get their content out there and start defending it properly - as well as taking on the more dishonest rivals that the Party has largely given free reign to in the past.

There's a lot more of it now than there was before LL came out - and that can only be a good thing. Here's a good example: Derek Draper taking on the odious Taxpayers Alliance over corporate tax avoidance, their endorsement of it, and the obvious conclusion that anyone can draw - that they are really saying that ordinary taxpayers have to pick up the slack.

He concludes: perhaps they should change their name to the "Corporate Tax Avoiders' Alliance"?

  • Who are these people?
  • Who funds them?
  • Are they a black-bag operation run by the Tories?
  • How much tax do the people who fund them pay?
  • When do their contributors celebrate Tax Freedom Day?
  • Which journalists uncritically run with their stories - names? Dates? URLs? 
  • Which editors employ journalists who uncritically run their stories?
  • Which media-owners employ editors who employ .... oh, you get the picture

This is what Hashtags are for. C'mon guys - I've got too much on my plate to do this, but someone can, can't they?

Update: 4th Feb - Don Paskini has weighed in.

PS - Just remembered this from the archive:

If the TPA gets a free ride in the press, it is only because it's made things so easy for hard-pressed/lazy (take your pick) reporters. "We are always available 24 hours a day," says Elliott. "We put the work in so we get good coverage."

Another reason to blow the whistle!


mikeovswinton said...

I'm guessing they are not a Charity - though if they are some work could be done. Are they a limited company? There could be some purchase there - or if they have any evident associations with limited companies.

Anthony Z said...

They are a limited company, number 04873888. Companies House will have information on them, including their accounts. According to WebCheck, their accounts are made up to 31/8/07 and they are exempt from audit as a small company. That means that they met two of the following criteria:

* annual turnover of £5.6 million or less
* balance sheet total of £2.8 million or less
* fewer than 50 employees.

If you want to pay £1 you can get their most recent accounts and a statement of the names of members of the company. http://www.companieshouse.gov.uk/info

Clifford Singer said...

Unfortunately the TPA's 2007 accounts are "abbreviated" which means they tell us very little - income and expenditure were withheld. Rather odd for an organisation so committed to transparency.