Monday, February 02, 2009

John Martyn & Bernard Crick

I never quite got John Martyn, though I'm going to give him another go having read this. The thing is, the way Shuggy describes him, he sounds like exactly the sort of musician that I'd read about, give a try to, and like.

The opposite, for instance of Tim Buckley (Jeff's dad) who I read about, thought 'I'll hate it' and was confirmed in this when someone gave it to me as a present.

I think the thing that put me off was the story that Solid Air was some kind of tribute to Nick Drake. I loved Nick Drake in my teens, and really, anything that was compared to those three LPs was always going to sound bloody awful in comparison.

So, Inside Out is the place to start is it? Or is there one LP here that's a better place to start (and isn't Solid Air)? 

In other news about the deceased, I've only just heard that Bernard Crick is dead - died before Xmas. I've no idea of how I missed this one.

Bernard Crick was a great man, and I've not quoted him enough on this blog (though I probably wouldn't have written about half the stuff on it if I hadn't been nodded in certain directions by him). His 'Democracy - a very short introduction' is something that every undergraduate should be forced to read (no matter what they're studying) - mainly for the earlier chapters.

I met him once, and couldn't say anything to him because I was (uniquely for me) worried that I'd say something daft and that he'd think the worse of me.


alunephraim said...

Make that every *first year* undergraduate. It's also a good introduction to the rest of his work; In Defense of Politics (the first "proper" book on politics I ever read, I think) in particular is still relevant.
And, of course, he also wrote what is still the best biography of Orwell out there.

Bob Piper said...

Yes.... I has a coffee with the great man once, and I know the feeling about not wanting to appear stupid by remaining silent, or prove it by speaking. He came to Warwick to talk to The Politics Society on Orwell. A very sharp mind indeed.

Steve Crawshaw said...

John Martyn Albums:

One world

Shuggy said...

I don't think you'd like Inside Out. If you are a Nick Drake fan, maybe his pre-Solid Air stuff would be more your thing - London Conversation, the Tumbler, Bless the Weather.

Solid Air wasn't 'some kind of tribute' to Nick Drake really - it's just the title track was about him, is all.

Paulie said...

I must admit, I don't think I'd like Nick Drake if I heard him now.

He's very good if you're a teenager, and you know that 'NO-ONE UNDERSTANDS ME??!?!?!' (though I still find myself picking out his fingerpicking on my guitar).

As I get older, my taste in music gets crankier. I'm the only person I know who didn't like Beefheart at 20 but got into him 20 years later.