Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Four Courts

I've got an odd fascination with my ancestry. Under normal circumstances, I think that I'd be one of those people that goes out of their way to track down their family tree (for me, the interest is in social history - knowing about the economic circumstances of people you have a connection to would help me understand the economics a bit more).

But there's no point. I'm 75% Irish, 12.5% English and 12.5% Welsh. The Welsh bit (Evans, FFS) from Cardiff (that's almost all I have!) isn't going to be a picnic - and it seems that none of them were talking to each other before he left, so there's hardly going to be a rich seam of information there. He was a boozer who deserted his family before his kids grew up, so there's not even that contact.

The English bit (Gt Granma) was, I think, an only child and she kept herself to herself.

And the big prize - the Irish - their records were all destroyed in 1922. So I know that loads of them emigrated to America, and that there are some of my family's names in the records of Belmullet Workhouse, but I don't know if they were my family really.

I'd love to know about all of this, but I probably never will.


barneymagrew said...

Not all records were destroyed.Four counties' records survived, Dublin, Kerry, Down and Antrim. You may get lucky.

Paulie said...

Sadly, Barney, most of my lot were in Mayo (Achill and Erris). A smaller strand were from either Wicklow or Kildare (they moved around a bit).

Laban said...

It's a pain, isn't it ? Some of my mother's family came over from Cork in the 1700s. All I have is a name, no date of birth, place of birth or age, as wedding records didn't record them in old days. Alas there are rather a lot of O'Brien's in Cork
... so the trail seems to have stopped there.